Zorbas | Ζορμπάς

Tavern & Farm – Agios Andreas Messinia | Παραδοσιακή Ταβέρνα – Άγιος Ανδρέας Μεσσηνίας

Our dishes | Τα πιάτα μας

Our dishes are cooked by Stavroula. She cooks the way she has learned from her mother and her mother cooks well!

“Rooster” in tomato sauce served with pasta is one of the traditional dishes you should try. The same goes for the pickled aubergine or green beans (appetizers) and  of course the “fish soup”!


Τα πιάτα της ταβέρνας μαγειρεύονται απο την Σταυρούλα. Οι μαγειρικές της ικανότητες είναι οικογενειακό θέμα.

Θα καταλάβετε τι εννοούμε δοκιμάζοντας κόκκορα χωριάτικο με μακαρονάδα, ψαρόσουπα, ή τουρσί μελιτζανάκι σαν ουζομεζέ!

pickled veggies

Pickled vegetables collected from our farm

rooster in tomato sauce

Rooster in tomato sauce “kokoras kokinistos”

fish soup

Traditional fish soup

boiled fishes

Fish boiled for a fish soup

shrimps with cheese in tomato sauce (saganaki)

Saganaki shrimps!

grilled white seabream

Grilled white seabream fish

grilled pandora fish

Grilled pandora fish

grilled souvlaki

Home made souvlaki!

fruits on the house!

Fruit treat

Boneless grilled sardines

Rabbit stew with onions “stifado”

Traditional recipe with eggs tomato and home made smoked pork “kagianas”

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