Zorbas | Ζορμπάς

Tavern & Farm – Agios Andreas Messinia | Παραδοσιακή Ταβέρνα – Άγιος Ανδρέας Μεσσηνίας

Zorbas today | Ο Ζορμπάς σήμερα

Zorbas tavern is located by the marina of Agios Andreas village. Apart from the view on the calm Messenian bay and Taygetos mountain, it offers fresh fish caught by the local fishermen. The variety depends on the season and the weather.  It also offers traditional dishes cooked with ingredients of great quality, as most of them are cultivated in the family farm just a few meters away on the way to Koroni. Kalamata olives, extra virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables and eggs are some of them. Moreover, in our tavern you can find special kinds of local cheese and meat from our farm depending on the time.

Our terrace next to the little port

Our people ready to serve you with a smile

Our people ready to serve you with a smile

Even during the hot day ours you can find a shelter here

Our terrace

Our terrace

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